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Important Surf RPG


#1 Spawnkilling and spawncamping are not allowed. Spawnkilling is killing someone who is in or is about to leave the spawnzone. Spawncamping is shooting out of your own spawn intentionally to damage or kill other players. Although you can kill someone that is in your spawn meanwhile you also are.

#2 Knifelevelling and levelboosting is strictly disallowed. Levelboosting is the act of letting players kill you intentionally so that they may gain levels, or killing someone to gain levels yourself. In these cases, all involved parties will have their score wiped.

#3 Being passive in the "Mario room" is allowed.

#4 No teaming with the players from the opposing team.

#5 Do not exploit maps with places where you can get out of the map and / or be somewhere your enemy cannot shoot you, where you can still shoot them.