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Important Game Server Rules

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All our rules apply to everyone on our servers.

#1 Micspamming and making loud noises into your microphone is not allowed. This includes singing.

#2 Cheating in any form is not tolerated. This also applies to scripts / macros.

#3 Racism in any way, shape or form is not tolerated.

#4 Do not ask stupid questions regarding punishments or subjects with obvious answers.

#5 If you have a mute or ban, or any form of punishment, you are strictly not allowed to log in to any of our servers with an alternate account.

#6 Discrimination or any form of hate-speech toward other players is not allowed.

#7 During the RTV (Rock The Vote), you are not allowed to spam your mapchoice more than once.

#8 Changing your name to copy that of another player or Admin is not allowed.

#9 You are not allowed to advertise other networks or communities.

#10 Do not intentionally break rules and always keep in mind what the rules are.

#11 You are only allowed to speak in English and Swedish.

#12 You are not allowed to post random links in chat, but YouTube links, Gyazos and prntscreens are acceptable.

#13 You are not allowed to insult or demean others on our server.

#14 Do not accuse others for things that they have not done. False accusations will be punished grievously.

#15 Do not sell in-game credits for CS:GO skins, or vice-versa. This will lead to both players having their credits removed.

#16 When an Admin says something, you listen. If you believe an Admin has abused their position or has been abusive in any way, feel free to contact a Manager as soon as possible.

#17 Do not beg or ask for credits.

#19 Attempting to circumvent a mute / gag / silence is not allowed by any means. This includes changing your name to communicate on the server

#20 Discussing politics and religion is not allowed. This includes names.
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