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Important Discord & Forum Rules

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Discord Rules

#1 Racism in any way, shape or form, toward anyone or indirect, is strictly disallowed. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

#2 Do not ask about or question punishments in the voice or text chat. This will lead to you being banned from the Discord server.

#3 Severe discrimination and bullying is not allowed, in voice or text chat. Breaking this rule will lead to a warning, and ban if necessary.

#4 Changing your name to mimic or copy the name of another player or Staff member is not allowed.

#5 Do not post links to other Discord servers at all, and do not advertise other servers or Discord servers.

#6 Pornographic, NSFW and oppressive content is strictly disallowed in textchat.

#7 On our community we only speak Swedish and English. Try to keep it that way!

#8 False accusations of any form are punished heavily. You need proof to making your point valid.

#9 Attempting to circumvent punishment, such as a ban, will lead to the offender being permanently banned from the Discord server. Alternate accounts are NOT allowed in any form.

#10 Leaking personal information is strictly disallowed, and will lead to an instant ban. We need more privacy!

#11 You are not allowed to mute an Admin to avoid hearing what they tell you or are going to tell you.

#12 When an Admin says something, you listen. If you believe an Admin has abused their position in any way

Forum Rules

#1 Posting inappropriate links, images, gifs, files and etc, is not allowed.

#2 Discrimination, bullying, racism and general toxicity is not allowed on our forums. Breaking this rule will lead to harsh punishment.

#3 Leaking information and posting unsolicited images, locations and the like of anyone on our network is strictly prohibited. This will lead to extremely severe punishments.

#4 Posting "joke applications" or "joke suggestions" are not allowed. These posts will be deleted.

#5 Accusations of any form must come with sufficient evidence. We do not take any accusation lightly.

#6 Creating alternate accounts on our forums to circumvent bans or punishments will lead to an IP ban.

#7 Posts must be made in either Swedish or English, in the appropriate section.

If we have missed anything feel free to contact zyro on discord!
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