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  1. zyro

    Important Bhop Rules

    #1 You can not use bugs maps to your advantage. #2 Whenever you find any bug, so it do not let for yourself, but write it to us on our forum. #3 It is forbidden to play songs in voice chat!
  2. zyro

    Player Models & Extra Player Models

    CT VIP+ Player Models
  3. zyro

    Player Models & Extra Player Models

    T VIP+ Player Models
  4. zyro

    Player Models & Extra Player Models

    CT VIP Player Models
  5. zyro

    Player Models & Extra Player Models

    T VIP Player Models
  6. zyro

    Important 1v1 Arena

    #1 - It is forbidden to spoil the game to teammates! #2 - It is forbidden to camp for a long time! #3 - It is forbidden to play a voice song! #4 - It is forbidden to curse towards another players!
  7. zyro

    Important Surf Tier

    Coming Soon
  8. zyro

    Important Retake

    #1 - No Cheating or hacking #2 - No Bug abusing. If you have found a bug please contact server Owner about it so it can be fixed! #3 - No Toxicity. Just being toxic to players will lead to a silence, and if needed, a server ban. #4 - No Abusing !calladmin. abusing our calladmin command will...
  9. zyro

    Important Surf RPG

    #1 Spawnkilling and spawncamping are not allowed. Spawnkilling is killing someone who is in or is about to leave the spawnzone. Spawncamping is shooting out of your own spawn intentionally to damage or kill other players. Although you can kill someone that is in your spawn meanwhile you also...
  10. zyro

    Important Game Server Rules

    All our rules apply to everyone on our servers. #1 Micspamming and making loud noises into your microphone is not allowed. This includes singing. #2 Cheating in any form is not tolerated. This also applies to scripts / macros. #3 Racism in any way, shape or form is not tolerated. #4 Do not...
  11. zyro

    Important Discord & Forum Rules

    Discord Rules #1 Racism in any way, shape or form, toward anyone or indirect, is strictly disallowed. Breaking this rule will result in a ban. #2 Do not ask about or question punishments in the voice or text chat. This will lead to you being banned from the Discord server. #3 Severe...