The rules apply to all our servers! Also Admins and VIPs. Do you see someone breaking them? Contact any admin or do /calladmin in the game chat!

General Rules

#1 You are only allowed to speak and type in English and Swedish.

#2 Micspamming and making loud noises into your microphone is not allowed. This includes singing.

#3 Racism in any way, shape or form is not tolerated.

#4 Do not ask stupid questions regarding punishments or subjects with obvious answers.

#5 If you have a mute or another punishment, you will not be allowed to log in to other accounts.

#6 Changing your name to copy that of another player or Admin is not allowed.

#7 You are not allowed to post random links in chat, but YouTube links, Gyazos and prntscreens are acceptable.

#8 Do not make spam messages or use ALL CAPS.

#9 Do not use offensive names.

#10 No adult (18+) material allowed.

#11 Do not argue with others in chat.

#12 Any toxic (disturbing behavior) behavior against the staff or server is not tolerated.

#13 You are not allowed to insult or demean others on our server.

#14 Do not use gross / offensive or offensive words against anyone else.

#15 Do not sell in-game credits for CS:GO skins, or vice-versa. This will lead to both players having their credits removed.

#16 When an Admin says something, you listen. If you believe an Admin has abused their position or has been abusive in any way, feel free to contact a Head-Admin or the Manager as soon as possible.

#17 Do not beg or ask for credits.

#18 Attempting to circumvent a mute / gag / silence is not allowed by any means. This includes changing your name to communicate on the server

#19 Discussing politics and religion is not allowed. This includes names.

#20 During the RTV (Rock The Vote), you are not allowed to spam your mapchoice more than once.

#21 Cheating in any form is not tolerated. This also applies to scripts / macros.


#1 Spawnkilling and spawncamping are not allowed. Spawnkilling is killing someone who is in or is about to leave the spawnzone. Spawncamping is shooting out of your own spawn intentionally to damage or kill other players. Although you can kill someone that is in your spawn meanwhile you also are.

#2 Knifelevelling and levelboosting is strictly disallowed. Levelboosting is the act of letting players kill you intentionally so that they may gain levels, or killing someone to gain levels yourself. In these cases, all involved parties will have their score wiped.

#3 No teaming with the players from the opposing team.