The rules apply to all our servers! Also Admins and VIPs. Do you see someone breaking them? Contact any admin or do /calladmin in the game chat!

General Rules

§ 1.1 A player should at all times try to complete the team objective. Teaming up with an enemy, for example, is strictly forbidden.

§ 2.1 Don’t camp within spawn points. You can kill from spawn but extensive camping is not permitted!
§ 2.2 It’s okay to camp for a while, it is not, however, okay to camp for a long time in the same location.

§ 3.1 Use refined language.
§ 3.2 On our servers we only use Swedish and English. Keep the language clean.

§ 4.1 Zero-Tolerance Policy against racism, sexism, offensive content, threats of violence, harassment, impersonating an admin and cheating.
§ 4.2 No politic, drug-related or religious comments or names will be tolerated inside the server.

§ 5.1 No advertisement inside the server. Links are not allowed. The exceptions are anything about LazySurf, Twitch, Youtube, Gyazo.
§ 5.2 Team tags (clan tags) are not considered advertisement. They are still, however, not allowed to contain links of any kind.

§ 6.1 It’s fine to talk through the microphone on the server, abuse leads to mute, kick and eventually ban.
§ 6.2 No flood or text spamming inside the server.

§ 7.1 No bad player names / nick-names nor racist names will be tolerated inside the server.
§ 7.2 No pornographic or racist profile pictures will be tolerated inside the server.

§ 8 Ghosting is not allowed.

§ 9.1 Cheating will result in a permanent ban.
§ 9.2 Macros and key-bindings that are not possible using only CS:GO settings are not allowed and will be viewed the same as cheating.

§ 10 Respect our administrators, treat others as you want to be treated.

§ 11 Common sense applies on our servers. On our servers we have fun and we are polite and nice to each other. Everyone should have respect for all people. Arguing or being impolite to people is not allowed and will be punished.

§ 12 Use of exploits, glitches and bugs is forbidden.

Surf RPG Rules

§ 1.1 Knifelevelling and levelboosting is strictly disallowed. Levelboosting is the act of letting players kill you intentionally so that they may gain levels, or killing someone to gain levels yourself. In these cases, all involved parties will have their score wiped.